Coaching with Leanne

Our Award Winning Busines Coach, Leanne Elliott, The Eclectic Butterfly offers many of the services within Mariposa Businsess Creations. 

Leanne started her first business in 1992 when she was just 22 and employed 15 people by the time she was 24.

Leanne works with health and wellness, financial, retail, educational and food businesses; start ups to established. 

She is happy to help you in your business either in monthly sessions to get you, or you and your business back on track or you can book a fast paced, one off Power Hour as you need it.

Focussed monthly sessions, planned into a schedule, with action plans, designed to move you forward with depth, using questions to find the answers deep within you and to keep you  accountable whereas Power Hours, come with fast paced questions designed to get answers from the gut! Booked as and when you need them, pulling no punches,  leaving you fired up to tackle anything!

You choose!

Creative Consultant Directors

Through discussion and focus, your CCD will create actionable plans with you, going on to find solutions to those problems that you felt there was no way around. 

Creating moments of clarity with you, and for you, in your life and your business you'll  begin to feel a sense of balance return, without the need to have the CCD with you permanently.

Some of the things you’ll find a CCD doing:

  • asking questions of you that you might not ask yourself,
  • asking questions of you that you don't want to ask yourself
  • helping you be more creative,
  • encouraging you to make your ideas pop,
  • encouraging you to find ways to make things happen and to move forward

Finding that every wall has a way around it, through it, round it, or over it your CCD will  give you a leg up to get over your obstacles or to help you tunnel your way through, or just walk by your side, which could just be  enough to change how you see your life, how you see your business.

Virtual Assistants and VEO's

Outsourcing is the best way to help your business grow. Having an idea of how to do your books, your social media, and all of the other back office stuff is necessary but eventually with stop the future growth because it will bog you down.

Remember do what you do best and outsource the rest!

Our VA's support you in your business.  They  can handle everything from your calls through to your emails, organise your diary, book your appointments, arrange your travel, produce your documents and transcriptions, prepare presentations and create eye-catching content and marketing material for social media,  or try our VEO service, the next step!

Our hybrid service is  a cross between having an Accountability Coach and a VA. 

You get to define and discuss the direction you need to go in, the actions you want to carry out and the blocks that may be in your way to achieving these and and then share out the tasks with the VEO, coming back together each week to ensure your business is moving forward.

A great way to Make It Happen!


Business advice sessions

Our Business session can help you create new plans and procedures to grow your business.

Just having an advice session to look at your business plan can help put things into perspective and sometimes that's all you ned to get you started or back on track!

Previous clients include educational establishments, hopsitality, legal, financial, cleaning, building, wellness and beauty businesses

Financial and estate planning

If you run a small business it is vital that you understand what could happen if you don't put a lasting power of attorney in place.

If you dont't  have the right insurances in place, consider what would happen if you were unable to manage your business because of a serious illness or accident.

We have a team of qualified experts to call on to help plan your here and now and your exit strategy with financial and estate planning and mortgage advice. 


Research and Report Writing

Experienced researchers can pore over your documents  to pull out the relevant information.

With extensive experience in collating and researching documents and preparing reports for use within the business industry they have specialist knowledge in the health, financial, educational and legal industries.

All of our VA's and report writers are RSA touch typists, with an excellent knowledge of Office, Adobe and Pages to help you produce your documents, reports, policies and transcripts.

Telephone Answering Service

Transfer your calls to us when you are in a meeting or away from the office, or for a break!

Not just a messaging service, but we'll get to know a little about your buiness too, so we sound a little more personal when your client rings, and a lot less like a call centre!

We'll answer your calls in a friendly helpful manner and take messages for you.

Content Creation

There is nothing more our content creation team likes than to take an idea and create something special for you.

A blog post can be turned into a whole series of Canva posts, a whole series of Facebook and Instagram posts all related and targetted to your ideal client. 

A product can be showcased, your story can be told, the person behind the business can come to life using our content creation teams. 


Our online learning portal offers courses to help get you focussed, build your confidence and reignite your passion.

Not your Health and Safety courses but the ones that you might not always know you need until that confidence crisis hits you. 

A plethora of courses designed to help you and your staff in business.